Caste System in India

Caste System ??“ A Bane to the Indian Society
In a little known village of Mahu near Indore in Madhya Pradesh, a boy was being severely beaten by the villagers. Reason-he, an untouchable, was guilty of drinking water from the village pond and thus polluting it by his touch. The boy??™s feelings were deeply hurt and he resolved to fight against this illogical untouchability that arose out of the deeply rooted caste system. Do you know who the boy was No prizes for guessing the right answer. You are right; it is none other than the deeply revered ???Dr.B.R.Ambedkar.??™ He was the man to influence the masses to rise against the tyranny of the upper castes. He was influential in shaping the destiny of our country-to have a constitution of its own and also for the welfare of the Untouchables, or more appropriately, ???Harijans??™.
From where did all these ideas bear fruit The key to this lies with the so called caste system followed rigorously in our very own motherland-INDIA. Let us have a look upon the caste system and its ill effects.
The introduction of caste system dates back to the Aryan invasion. They defeated the natives of the then India (Dravidians) and made them their slaves ready to do their bidding. Dravidians were hence given the lowest status while the Aryans bagged the top ones. Caste system then was nothing but classification of people on the basis of one??™s occupation. During the olden days, caste system was not rigidly observed. A person of low caste could acquire high caste status by emulating the high caste customs. Even the Vedas and the Upanishads-the foundation for Hinduism doesn??™t ask its followers to practice this system rigidly. Caste system remained flexible until the advent of British rule. The British??™s favourite policy of ???Divide and rule??™ brought about the rigorous following of the caste system.
The seed of hatred they had sown among the people is, unfortunately, still at large, though it is not seen in the urban areas. It is seen in the rural areas, inspite of the government??™s and the enlightened societies??™ efforts to wipe it out from the face of India. As it is rightly said, ???Evil spreads quickly and once it has spread, it is difficult to uproot it.
The ill effects of caste system are many. As most of are quite familiar with it, whether by experience or on TV??™s or from newspapers, let me just name a few. The most widely acknowledged effect is that of untouchability. This makes the people lose confidence in their own selves as they are constantly degraded and jeered at by the so called upper classes.
Many people die as they are forced to live in unhygienic conditions, since they are of low caste and are not deemed fit to live in the society with due regards .Who knows there might be a C.V.Raman or a Kalpana Chawla or an Abdul Kalam down there whiling their time by useless activities for their survival Then is not India losing her gems Both physical and mental growth of the children of the shunned people will be deeply affected. They may grow up hating the sophisticated class and might think of avenging their suppressions. They may resort to arms for succeeding in this regard. They might become terrorists/naxalites and cause untold damage to the nation besides massacring thousands of innocents. Will not our country suffer a serious setback if this happens i.e. if its own people drive knives on the backs of each other A third party, maybe a foreign power can take advantage of this situation and make us lose our dear freedom-to gain which our ancestors sacrificed a lot. Is it not our duty to justify the sacrifices made by our elders and safeguard our country from evil and greedy eyes
We have to remember that India is still a developing country because of the various problems posed by the narrow mindedness of our minds and cannot bear to suffer more problems than the ones faced by her today. We have to take steps to eradicate them and prevent new problems from becoming a threat to our dear motherland. The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. They can contribute to the development of our country. If anyone in their neighbourhood still follow the caste system and cause hindrance to the people around, they can explain its ill-effects, make them realise that they could be the sufferers had fate made them to be born in the household of the low caste. It is just a matter of reversal of fate to change their destiny. Then would they accept the tortures put to them If the students do this, that will make all the difference. Awareness is the most important thing.
Caste system, though founded on the basis of economy, has firmly gripped the Indian society now on hereditary basis. It condemns the people to do the same thing as their forefathers. It doesn??™t realise that times have changed and that change is inevitable in life. But we, being humans can realise it. We should strive hard to eradicate the ill effects of the caste system in our wonderful motherland.
???Mother??™-That??™s what we call our country. When all the people have accepted India as their mother, from where did the differences of caste, creed or race arise ???All are born equal, aren??™t they??™ Then why do we distinguish among ourselves If we sincerely respect our motherland, how can we turn a deaf ear to the pleas of a mother crying out to stop her children treating their siblings in inhuman ways A person is known by his character and not by his name or caste etc. Let us, the true Indians make our country have only two castes-a positive one and a negative one. Or may be it can be better off with only one caste-the positive one. Anyone thinking it to be impossible Let??™s make it possible. As our dear A.P.J.Abdul Kalam once said, ???When millions of brains come together, who can stop India from developing??? Remember, the impossible says I??™m possible. Let us join our hands in realizing this dream.