Catcher in the Rye Flawed Characters and Challenging Environments

Novels present flawed character(s) in challenging environment(s).???
Ultimately, this is an interesting statement, because in a way everyone is flawed to some extent. No one can really be considered perfect, so to an extent, I agree with this statement. ???The Catcher in the Rye??™ is a good example of this as it presents a very interesting individual; Holden, in a challenging stage in his life. Holden is coming of age, and as anyone can tell, this is rather difficult for him, and he is not exactly what you call mentally stable. Making this whole situation much worse for himself.
As one reads the book, one gets a very interesting look into Holden??™s character. The book is written in the first person, and this helps us a lot in understanding Holden??™s psyche. Holden is not perfect. Far from it. In fact one could almost say he is borderline psychotic. As a teenager, he finds difficulty in any situation in which he must make a definitive decision. His ability to choose between one or the other is very poor, and we find he contradicts himself and then reinforces himself again, within the space of one sentence. And even though this alone doesn??™t define Holden as a flawed individual, it still certainly contributes to it.
Another thing that could be pointed out, is Holden??™s opinions on everyday activities. He seems to have a complete inability to find even the smallest of happiness in an activity, saying it all ???depresses the hell outta me??™. Most of the stuff he comments on funnily enough, are things that relate to adulthood, smoking, drinking, sexual activity etc. Even though he is within his own rights to be a little turned off by these things, they spill over and end up depressing him at all sorts of minor things, making him seem like an obsessive depressive. Random things like other guys picking up girls, or people pretending to be something they??™re not, and being ???phonies??™ depresses him. A rather annoying aspect of his personality.
The ???challenging environment??™ that Holden is in, really is more of a world than an environment. His teenage life is doing horrors to his mind, but through all this, he seems to be enjoying it. There are so many twists in Holden??™s mind it can be rather difficult sometimes to keep up with what he??™s thinking about. His indecisiveness and odd opinions make him a rather annoying individual, but they add an extra depth to him that would otherwise be missing from an average teenager. If one pays attention to the novel, one can find out that Holden is actually in a TB ward. Quite common during those days, but it makes sense for his psychotic personality. Holden may also be a little depressed from being in this ward, and may influence his look on his past.
One of the real majors in his ultimately flawed personality, is his interactions with women. He seems to have an uncontrollable tendency to come on to them way to strongly, scaring them off. And then when they start to get annoyed at him, or feel like they want to leave, Holden presses the issue and even insults them slightly. This is definitely a flaw in his skills. He has an odd opinion on romance, and seems to want to give his partner the upmost respect and leniency. As shown when he says ???the problem with me is that when they say stop, I stop.??™ He obviously thinks he??™s in the right when he does this, but it fails him so, as he is still a virgin during the events. But then, he expresses his humiliation at this fact, and still acts immaturely around talking about the subject, despite the fact is annoyed by guys that do so. Putting himself in a bit of a thought loop and therefore adding to his turmoil and confusion.
When it comes down to it though, despite being flawed and annoying in nature, Holden is in some ways, a rather noble character. He seems to want to protect the innocent from the terrible influence of adult life. Including himself, and his sister. He is also very protective of his family. Having lost his brother when he was younger, Holden is most protective of his younger sister Phoebe. He wants to protect and watch out for her the most, as shown when he rejects her offer to join him and his plan to run away. Holden??™s innocence is still intact however, and there is obviously still a part of him that wants to keep it that way. This is shown when he rejects the offer of the prostitute, Sonny, that is sent to his room. He originally agrees to it, but then turns down the offer when she arrives, and even still pays her. Holden is not a bad person, in all retrospect he is simply a nice guy with a lot of turmoil in his life. He wants to correct some things and help people, but is sabotaged by his own desire to indulge in adult life. All of this clashing, and throwing off his judgement a lot.
To sum up, Holden is not a perfect individual, far from it. But it is his flawed character that reall makes ???Catcher in the Rye??™ so interesting. Some may find him annoying and even maddening at times, but this is only because of his uniqueness and odd opinions on just about everything. His ???challenging environment??™ is ultimately of his own creation. He seems to make life difficult for himself without realising it, and then complains about it as he has a hard time with it. Holden can be a good guy, and likes to help people in the right way, only his problems outweigh his nobility, leaving us with a very flawed, very troubled teenage boy.